The average African youth is one who against all odds thrives to play a pivotal role in contextual growth and development and amidst power imbalances. From the point of view of the alienated young persons, it is the educated youth who take active role in protecting their own interest. However, the African youths are already a mass of people in a confined environment, and as the situation has presented it around the continent, there is always the potential for mass demonstration. This is to say, the youth can destabilize the smooth running of the government, this is not to take away from their voice, but as pointed out in Achebe’s ‘Political satire’ entails of the savannah sometimes the youths get misguided, and sometimes become destructive.
On one hand, one can posit the African youth’s participation in political affairs as less, in other words, one can say the youths are silent and do not care about participating in governance. But seeing that the things that dissatisfy youths are somewhat trivial, e.g. When there is high rate of unemployment among youth or other form of their living conditions are affected, or simply put injustices, the youth protest. This separation from reality in their confined spacing renders their voice sometimes as irrelevant in current continental decision making. This however, does not imply their absence in the political decision making of the continent.
The youths are beginning to emerge in the political mainstream. Example, the youth council and junior parliament becoming more and more proactive through. Taking active roles in acquiring education and getting accustomed to various participation dynamics, it is in this case that the misguided ideology of protesting violently or using destructive means to voice out when things get wrong is corrected. By education, the youths know how to advocate for right of participation.



In the case of tribalism, what happened in the past should not have any bearings on what is happening today. Fulani people had their own share of lopsidedness for a very long period of time in Southern Kaduna and in Nigeria at large. In the case where Southern Kaduna citizens now feel threatened and decide to retaliate against the Fulani minority in South Kaduna, there should be nothing wrong with this form of correcting political and religious injustices. Discomfort is discomfort, regardless of one’s religion or tribe. If your life, property and heritage is being invaded, stand up and fight!


Justifiably, Nigerians who disagree with violence as a response mechanism to threats in the economic, religious and social sphere, may hold that violence as a means of dealing with imbalances does not respect the right to life and humanity, and does not uphold Christian religious values. Agreeably, respect for the right to life and humanity shouldn’t be extreme  and our practiced religion does not encourage bloodshed. It can be argued that in situation where Kantian-ism secludes a certain group of people and creates fear of aversion in any sense, then this in turn becomes a compromise.

Education is the Most powerful weapon, and the educated apprentice uses it as an instrument

It is often said “let by gone be by gone” in another sense, it can also be “let bye gone be buy gun. Moreover, liberalism as a democratic approach encourages the freedom of expression. Therefore, it will be absolutely right for people to communicate dissatisfaction in any form they reckon apt.


Irrefutably, what extreme measures of maintaining social order in society does differently from the other angle of approach is how it allows people to participate actively. These kinds of methods involves the common man, it empowers a person to feel relevant if they are consulted to give their views. The common person feels they can decide or take part in decision making rather than being excluded. Consequently, application of such method yields acceptance from the majority of the population of any given society. In cases where the government fails to keep their own end of the bargain in social contract, and there is no other method that perhaps ensures that the interest of the common person is safeguarded, people revolt.

Extremist methods sparkle a quicker reaction to problem solving, and making inclusive laws favorable to all persons regardless of their age, race, gender, tribe, religion or even nationality. Extreme methods of tackling imbalances to maintain social order is a strong process of reform that empowers those who believe in such methods. It raises the individual above their feeling of negative tendencies, above inferiority complex and maintain their position.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence,
and if there are violent among you, let them rise and take it by force.” Paraphrased


Let us share the ARC-T: Absolute, Relative, and Contingent Truth


The ARC truth is, things that I write, are inspired by the voices in my head, and it’s either the voice of God or I’m having schizophrenia. Be those voices right or wrong by your judgement, I don’t care because I write solely based on inspiration. Believe me, these words are not vague and so it is important to pay close attention to what I say and be critical about it. It will be awesome if you understand what I mean but, if otherwise I’m sorry I was just trying to communicate.

Today, I thought it was important that people become critical of whatever they hear someone saying. Because our words are our own formed reality. Persons in society all live in their own versions of reality. A reality that is limited by their temperament, their senses and experiences. It is the only reality one will ever truly know. But, it is crucial to personal development, person to person relationships and responses to society at large. In essence, this reality is informed by the inside of an individual. Moreover, this inside does not come from strangest of places because, they either come from the light source or the dark which we all are aware of.

Either ways, when one speaks, let the other listen and be critical about it. That is the act and art of orderliness, and orderliness comes from wisdom. Proverbs, has it that wisdom is most important and every human needs wisdom. But besides being wise, the same proverbs urges rational humans to obtain understanding in “all” they do. So it is important to be wise, and it is also important to understand another person’s point of view. By understanding, it does not imply agreeing to strange ideology but rather giving listening ears for advanced critique.

One challenging truth that persons fail to critique is “truth” itself. Truth in real sense does not exist in absolute sense. Rather it is proper to perceive truth as relative and leave every idea as needing philosophical appreciation of the listener.

Both wisdom and understanding informs personal social experiences. It is important to open up and understand the world through the way someone else has attempted to do same. By mutually listening, acting, and reasonable responding to social actions; one is able to uncover another person reality and thereby finding common grounds even with those who hold dissimilar beliefs. This gives broader sense of truthfulness, open up sincerity and presents everyone’s idea as equally okay. These are the ARC-T, they hold society.

Let us share the ARC-T: Absolute, Relative, and Contingent Truth

Pray like 2pack

Lord be with us through the bad times as well as the good

See us through in our daily work as we trust in you

Keep me and my woman faithful and true to each other

I appreciate you for love, kindness, mercy and grace

Watch us through the night

And in the morning make our ways right

Grant us and our families’ protection, provision and love

In humble adoration we ask

That may the words of my mouth, and the meditation of our hearts,

Be acceptable in your sight



Pray like 2pack

Super Human

 At first, I looked like a ninja turtle expressing super hero ability when I had both hands over my head, with my eyes wide open and one of my leg suspended in the air just before stumping the next step

For what I thought to be a super hero posture for a minute, turned out to be a dummy posture! I realized how dumb it was when her laughter ravaged the air like gazelles chanting.

It was all the effect of coming in contact with a super human!

Keep calm! I said to myself, pretending to look all cool. Then I took courage and approached this black opal, tall and slender with well braided heir which made her looked African. I was looking into my techno phone as if it is the source of my technical know-how. Trying to keep calm over and over, but her eyes overshadowed my cherished phone when I managed and stole a look into her eyes.

I folded my phone away and said “hi” only to be greeted by the brightest smile ever!

Unexpected! I never expected such a beauty to respond positively to my lame approach.

We talked, and smiled and laughed and exchanged contacts which in all made me confident about the choice I had made to ask her out, I just felt she was the right person for me, I didn’t hesitate to express my feelings and to openly ask. She promised to send me an SMS much later in the day, and that promise kept me waiting, trusting and hoping for the rest of the day.

From the laughter, to the smiles, to the positive responses, and the late night SMS I knew she should be the one. She is such a person of bright spirit which made me convinced that every colour of the flowers I see around, all the breath of winds that even my enemies enjoy, the motion of the sea, the sound of aircrafts and metros were doing nothing but proclaiming her name.

Black opal, black beauty, black woman with ebony skin patterned and stylishly defined by henna, turmeric touched skin, reddish finger colouring. Characterized by sound personality, freshest dew of the morning coming from her breath. You could be fooled trying to look for wine in a bottle, but her lips has the best wine ever


Super Human

7 Dimension


  1. I can choose to view you, as that faithful loving princess of mine who doesn’t give space to other guys. The only girl who knows I’m crazy about her and she is crazy about me
  2. I can choose to see you on a second glance as that hypocrite, who shows me love but yet shares her love and affection with some strange dudes who has for long planned to take advantage of you and never had the chance. So utilizes every chance to get back to you
  3. I can choose to view you with a better glance, as clean religious girl who wants to keep it safe and pure and holy in her relationship. The girl who can make her man wait instead of a one night stand
  4. I can choose to view you as a girl who understands what true love is, and is willing to share her love with me regardless of anything else which may follow.
  5. I can choose to see you as a girl who is not yet exposed to the realities in life and knows nothing much about sex and relationships. I girl afraid to give herself passionately to her guy who cherishes her love and her body, a guy who can stand up to the task and say “ yes I’m the man”
  6. I also may decide to see you as that girl who cherishes our kisses, our touch, our tight hugs, our unspoken words that can only be heard by leaning on each other’s shoulder.
  7. Above all, I chose to see you as faithful, loving, crazy girl who loves me as crazy as I am. I chose to see you for your passion, inner strength, beliefs, love, sharing ability; your exposure, your touch, the depth of you kiss, tightness of your hugs and your unspoken words.


7 Dimension