The average African youth is one who against all odds thrives to play a pivotal role in contextual growth and development and amidst power imbalances. From the point of view of the alienated young persons, it is the educated youth who take active role in protecting their own interest. However, the African youths are already a mass of people in a confined environment, and as the situation has presented it around the continent, there is always the potential for mass demonstration. This is to say, the youth can destabilize the smooth running of the government, this is not to take away from their voice, but as pointed out in Achebe’s ‘Political satire’ entails of the savannah sometimes the youths get misguided, and sometimes become destructive.
On one hand, one can posit the African youth’s participation in political affairs as less, in other words, one can say the youths are silent and do not care about participating in governance. But seeing that the things that dissatisfy youths are somewhat trivial, e.g. When there is high rate of unemployment among youth or other form of their living conditions are affected, or simply put injustices, the youth protest. This separation from reality in their confined spacing renders their voice sometimes as irrelevant in current continental decision making. This however, does not imply their absence in the political decision making of the continent.
The youths are beginning to emerge in the political mainstream. Example, the youth council and junior parliament becoming more and more proactive through. Taking active roles in acquiring education and getting accustomed to various participation dynamics, it is in this case that the misguided ideology of protesting violently or using destructive means to voice out when things get wrong is corrected. By education, the youths know how to advocate for right of participation.


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