In the case of tribalism, what happened in the past should not have any bearings on what is happening today. Fulani people had their own share of lopsidedness for a very long period of time in Southern Kaduna and in Nigeria at large. In the case where Southern Kaduna citizens now feel threatened and decide to retaliate against the Fulani minority in South Kaduna, there should be nothing wrong with this form of correcting political and religious injustices. Discomfort is discomfort, regardless of one’s religion or tribe. If your life, property and heritage is being invaded, stand up and fight!


Justifiably, Nigerians who disagree with violence as a response mechanism to threats in the economic, religious and social sphere, may hold that violence as a means of dealing with imbalances does not respect the right to life and humanity, and does not uphold Christian religious values. Agreeably, respect for the right to life and humanity shouldn’t be extreme  and our practiced religion does not encourage bloodshed. It can be argued that in situation where Kantian-ism secludes a certain group of people and creates fear of aversion in any sense, then this in turn becomes a compromise.

Education is the Most powerful weapon, and the educated apprentice uses it as an instrument

It is often said “let by gone be by gone” in another sense, it can also be “let bye gone be buy gun. Moreover, liberalism as a democratic approach encourages the freedom of expression. Therefore, it will be absolutely right for people to communicate dissatisfaction in any form they reckon apt.


Irrefutably, what extreme measures of maintaining social order in society does differently from the other angle of approach is how it allows people to participate actively. These kinds of methods involves the common man, it empowers a person to feel relevant if they are consulted to give their views. The common person feels they can decide or take part in decision making rather than being excluded. Consequently, application of such method yields acceptance from the majority of the population of any given society. In cases where the government fails to keep their own end of the bargain in social contract, and there is no other method that perhaps ensures that the interest of the common person is safeguarded, people revolt.

Extremist methods sparkle a quicker reaction to problem solving, and making inclusive laws favorable to all persons regardless of their age, race, gender, tribe, religion or even nationality. Extreme methods of tackling imbalances to maintain social order is a strong process of reform that empowers those who believe in such methods. It raises the individual above their feeling of negative tendencies, above inferiority complex and maintain their position.

“And from the days of John the Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven suffers violence,
and if there are violent among you, let them rise and take it by force.” Paraphrased


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