Let us share the ARC-T: Absolute, Relative, and Contingent Truth


The ARC truth is, things that I write, are inspired by the voices in my head, and it’s either the voice of God or I’m having schizophrenia. Be those voices right or wrong by your judgement, I don’t care because I write solely based on inspiration. Believe me, these words are not vague and so it is important to pay close attention to what I say and be critical about it. It will be awesome if you understand what I mean but, if otherwise I’m sorry I was just trying to communicate.

Today, I thought it was important that people become critical of whatever they hear someone saying. Because our words are our own formed reality. Persons in society all live in their own versions of reality. A reality that is limited by their temperament, their senses and experiences. It is the only reality one will ever truly know. But, it is crucial to personal development, person to person relationships and responses to society at large. In essence, this reality is informed by the inside of an individual. Moreover, this inside does not come from strangest of places because, they either come from the light source or the dark which we all are aware of.

Either ways, when one speaks, let the other listen and be critical about it. That is the act and art of orderliness, and orderliness comes from wisdom. Proverbs, has it that wisdom is most important and every human needs wisdom. But besides being wise, the same proverbs urges rational humans to obtain understanding in “all” they do. So it is important to be wise, and it is also important to understand another person’s point of view. By understanding, it does not imply agreeing to strange ideology but rather giving listening ears for advanced critique.

One challenging truth that persons fail to critique is “truth” itself. Truth in real sense does not exist in absolute sense. Rather it is proper to perceive truth as relative and leave every idea as needing philosophical appreciation of the listener.

Both wisdom and understanding informs personal social experiences. It is important to open up and understand the world through the way someone else has attempted to do same. By mutually listening, acting, and reasonable responding to social actions; one is able to uncover another person reality and thereby finding common grounds even with those who hold dissimilar beliefs. This gives broader sense of truthfulness, open up sincerity and presents everyone’s idea as equally okay. These are the ARC-T, they hold society.


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