Super Human

 At first, I looked like a ninja turtle expressing super hero ability when I had both hands over my head, with my eyes wide open and one of my leg suspended in the air just before stumping the next step

For what I thought to be a super hero posture for a minute, turned out to be a dummy posture! I realized how dumb it was when her laughter ravaged the air like gazelles chanting.

It was all the effect of coming in contact with a super human!

Keep calm! I said to myself, pretending to look all cool. Then I took courage and approached this black opal, tall and slender with well braided heir which made her looked African. I was looking into my techno phone as if it is the source of my technical know-how. Trying to keep calm over and over, but her eyes overshadowed my cherished phone when I managed and stole a look into her eyes.

I folded my phone away and said “hi” only to be greeted by the brightest smile ever!

Unexpected! I never expected such a beauty to respond positively to my lame approach.

We talked, and smiled and laughed and exchanged contacts which in all made me confident about the choice I had made to ask her out, I just felt she was the right person for me, I didn’t hesitate to express my feelings and to openly ask. She promised to send me an SMS much later in the day, and that promise kept me waiting, trusting and hoping for the rest of the day.

From the laughter, to the smiles, to the positive responses, and the late night SMS I knew she should be the one. She is such a person of bright spirit which made me convinced that every colour of the flowers I see around, all the breath of winds that even my enemies enjoy, the motion of the sea, the sound of aircrafts and metros were doing nothing but proclaiming her name.

Black opal, black beauty, black woman with ebony skin patterned and stylishly defined by henna, turmeric touched skin, reddish finger colouring. Characterized by sound personality, freshest dew of the morning coming from her breath. You could be fooled trying to look for wine in a bottle, but her lips has the best wine ever



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