That I may be certain of tomorrow

dear Jesus, I go to bed daily sometimes I pray, other times I don’t

With all these little crumbs of sins in me

Some things I said during the day without noticing how detestable they are.

In my little tradition of thoughts, I sometimes refuse to acknowledge your Lordship

in my stubborn head, I sometimes refuse you.

In my pride, I sometimes ignore your power.

Therefore, in your Lordship and majesty, bring me down to my knees,

tear my unbelief and humble me once again till I’m on my knees.

As I sleep alone this night, with thoughts of you all over my mind,

I pray for sound sleep. But even far above all, if I do not wake up tomorrow in this life,

Please wake me at your feet in the life hereafter.

If I do wake up in this life,

please strengthen  my hope, faith and believe.

That I may be certain of tomorrow’s wealth, well-being, and tomorrow’s service that you have promised and prepared for me from the beginning of time.

According to your riches in glory,

your love, provision shall be be upon the hungry, the poor, the sick, the heartbroken and slaves, and even those in conflict.

I want to mention all these need of the whole world, but how can I, when the one who supersedes time exist and is LORD over me?

Dear omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent,

I pour out my heart in thanksgiving, because of the grace through your son. Jesus Christ.



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