What is this thing called Money???

Legal tender
The clock ticks, and time flies yet we can’t rewind it
Why do people take exceptions for the kind of pay slip they get? Why do parents need to know how their little children get money? Why are parents interested in teaching kids how to save? What do things mean to you, when you know you can’t do anything about them?
Money! Money!! Money is nothing but understanding the social relationship we have with it.
Today I decided to blog about money. The legal paper and silver, with lots of documentation which was not here before, but now has dominated virtually everything we do and influenced social life. It was not long, mere legal notes did began having worth? A certain night I had gone about 18hours without eating, I was broke! When I eventually found a dollar to eat, it was already 1:00am in the morning nothing to buy and my friends were fast asleep. I was stuck with a green paper in my hand valueless at that point. Later that same morning, I found myself needing that dollar again. I soliloquized “haven’t you lost meaning over the night already dollar?”Money changes us but we don’t really change the importance we attach to this thing called money.

Negatively, money can make people form a craze of themselves. People sell themselves, sell their body for monetary value. As a kid I remember my brother dreaming out loud. He said with money, he can easily walk to a stranger and punch them right in the face and when they try to react he’d again hit them with stacks of money. My brother was right though, because with money one can achieve a lot of ridiculous dreams. It took me up till now to figure that my brother’s dream was a blonder! Because he thinks he’s got money? Well somebody else has a lot more, and so, the one with more money becomes the most powerful. What makes a person who has more money more powerful and influential?
Wait, isn’t that what capitalism is? The one with the money has got more power and control? Money has made banking system an important sector in the capitalist society, in that the whole world is being continually merged by international monetary body like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

Once in ZimAt a point in 2008, everyone in Zimbabwe became a billionaire. You buy bread in billions, you stay updated about price tags every minute, you go shopping carrying an extra cart filled with money.

With this thing called money, you get to owe shoppers their goods. You walk into a store and you see what does not belong to you and all you have to do is to like it and offer a token called_ money and it becomes yours! Money, without which you do not own anything in stores, try to own anything you’re a shoplifter.

With this thing called money you begin to own spaces in people’s vehicle. Well, they don’t see that as a problem, so long as you pay they’ll simply call it transportation system. Money, without which you will be arrested for using someone’s car.

With this thing called money, the government come into a social contract with the commoner; by tax payer capitalist accumulate wealth to have more money, political power, prestige and control.
Somebody loots 5 million on a regular bases, they are called political elites, genius, and government. A commoner steals 5 dollars, they are labeled thieves. With this thing called money, law makers are being payed to come beat you up, jail you. It is with money that the weapons you use to fight each other is bought.

They say money is the root of all evil; well, lack of it also generates evil. While we are busy arguing about money, others make more. While my brother was dreaming money, others were counting more of it, while people are busy making online purchase, capitalist capitalized.

Every minute there is continues exchange of money between rich people, and because it is as unstoppable as the clock, we call it_ stock exchange. Those computers never stop counting. Before it was Wall Street, but now it has been incorporated to every part of the globe

Stop for a bit and ask yourself, what is this thing called, money?



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