Now that I know my right

Nyanga Mountains
The creative adult is the child that survived

Now that I know my right

Growing up as child, I learned 3 things that are most importantly defining my personality today:

Firstly, I learned about God’s existence, and how to keep a close relationship with him.

Secondly, I learned to acquire knowledge that I needed to live and survive through my life and lastly, I learned the boundaries to which my knowledge of God and the world correlates to mould who I am today and how I relate with people around me.

My childhood experiences consist of going to church every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for choral practices and then the normal church services on Sundays. I offered all these religious sacrifices among others, without really knowing the meanings attached to these worships in my own term and concept of understanding. And so, each time I always had difficulties going to church on my own without having my parents or, and older siblings force me to attend all religious sessions I had registered for.

As a child, I was very much passionate about being a technician, my brain was dedicated to nothing else rather than creating and making meaningful piece out of scrap electronics, scrap tins and pieces of roof sheets, I always derive pleasure taking my time to collect all the necessary items I need in the oddest places. It simply meant satisfaction to me, being praised in my neighborhood for making the coolest car, drum sets, guitars, binoculars etc out of scrap materials. Those were simply the passion I grew up with, and I still feel attached to those ideas today and can still do those things I had done because I am, who I was.

The saying goes “the creative adult is the child who survived” it may not seem like it, But I have survived a lot of hardship during my childhood. As a child, my life was characterized by a lot of movements, and so, today I have electricity and tomorrow I don’t have, today I watched television and tomorrow I don’t. Moreover, I was never confined to one ideology; I was a wonderful singer hitting a very sharp pitch that I can’t really hit now. I lead the New Life for all singers (Sabon Rai Don Kowa) for about for years as the chorus leader while being assisted by my niece Sandra, whom we grew up together sharing family love and care. Sandra is beautiful, courageous and bold, a true picture of my step mother, and the happiness of my elder sister Iya. Sandra is amazing in her grasp of new ideas, she had all the A’s in school, and I never was an “A” student neither was I a “C” student or the last. I performed just good enough to keep me going. Sandra and I were famous for a whole lot of academic achievements. But, what if I knew my right of choice, and decide to choose a life that suits my passion? That’s entirely another story on its own.

Let’s explore something else, enough of the life history. I participated in a whole lot of activities of which I am grateful to my family for making me participate in. I was successful in those activities, because, I was clueless about my right. Sounds odd, right? But that’s the truth. Had I known my right to choose what to do and what not, I wouldn’t have been so successful, the point I am trying to make sure you take home is- when we do all our little activities with all diligence forgetting the hardships that are therein, and focusing on the end results regardless, of where we come from, but paying close attention to where we are going, we become successful. Success is what every human is created for and there is no limit to the bounds of excellence that we can hit!

All those activities I participated in are the person you know as me today. I am who I am, because I am what I was.1492690_805988896084651_885977168_o

Learning never stops
Learning never stops

Those were the days I learned humility. Those were the days I practiced modesty. I spoke as little as possible about myself, because I didn’t know my right, and I was thought to always mind my business. Those were the days I took corrections and cheerfully applied them. In fact, my parents thought me how to avoid curiosity and to forgive others regardless. What this meant` though was to pass over other people’s mistake, accept insults and bullies and injuries in school and to not mind being disliked in my neighborhood.

Those were perfect rules, my parents ensured I learned just so, I, can stay out of trouble even as a grown up. but I had accepted all those teachings simply because, of two main reasons.

One- I didn’t know anything else which is right besides what my family thought me, and two, I didn’t know my right to accept things as they are or not.

The question is-

What if my parents were wrong? What if I had known otherwise? Could the society in general have thought me more? Would it have made me any different as I am now?

Well those were before I knew my right. And now that I know my right,

I would not be delayed nor denied

Now that I know my right,

I wouldn’t stand on your dignity, and-

Will not let you stand on mine

Because I know my right,

I’d mind my business and expect you to do the same.

For the sake of my right,

I’ll accept corrections and correct with all respect

Ill speak little, but to make sure I have my rights be heard

Just for the knowledge of my right,

Ill avoid curiosity, but will seek to find

Because I know my right.


6 thoughts on “Now that I know my right

  1. I waz reading this write up n relating every sentence with the writer concurrently. And I can say, you are really who you were! Keep writing about yourself or life to avert someone writing about a life you never lived.

    Liked by 1 person

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