SAMA Awards 2015: Night of glitz and glamour

With all the beautifull faces and wonderful people. I had the good time of my life, and al thanks to the student ambassadors and the SAMA organizing teams, to all my fellow performers, mcs and DJs who featured in the event it was quite wonderful. Looking forward to the miss Africa University beauty pageant hope it come wit a lot of fun and wonders as all our expectations are.


It was a night of glitz and glamour last Saturday at the Golden Peacock Villa Hotel. The SAMA (Student Ambassadors Merit Awards) night organized by the prestigious student ambassadors took place on the 7th day of March, 2015.


SAMA awards night is often referred by most students as the Africa University “Grammy Awards”. Prior to this, bottles were popped, guys and babes were cheered, kiss and hugs exchanged and best of all awards were presented to the most deserving students in many categories. These categories comprised; The Most popular student, Brainiac, sportsman and woman of the year, swag master, friends like these and lots more.


The ceremony started around 9pm which was not the stipulated time. Is Africa University still clenched to the African mentality of “African time”?

At half past 8, people were already settled in anticipation for this long awaited ceremony. Most of the congregation came…

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