“I Will Pronounce Your Name”

I will pronounce your name. Tsue.
Tsue. I will declaim you.
Tsue. Your name is like a lifter that lifts the mind, body and soul high.
I pronounce your name and my heart beats faster.
My heart longs to do something unique,
Something special and something even greater than myself_ love

Name of fresh dew,
Name of glitter,
Name like a dove,
Name of laughter.
Tsue. I couldn’t have asked for no other name

Tsue. I am a victor in your sight,
But yet, I have now become your searcher.
To pronounce your name
Ah! Tsue.
Oh! How can I pronounce your name well enough?
How can pronunciation of your name alone tell the true meaning of you to the world?

I will pronounce your name, and acknowledge the freshness.
I will proclaim and tell the true meaning of you in my world.

In reference to S. Leopold’s


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